eEquality Action-Plan for Spain



In the parliamentary session that took place the 10th of June 2008, the socialist parliamentary group made a proposition not of law in order to boost specific measures to promote equal opportunities of women in the knowledge society.

This proposition, debated in Congress full session the 14th of June 2008, and supported by all the parliamentary groups, lead to the resolution that urge to start up an Action Plan for Equality between Women and Men within the specific field of the Information Society.

Nevertheless, the development of an initiative of this kind responds to the requirement established by the Organic Law 3/2007, on the 22nd of March, for Effective Equality of Women and Men,that involves a crucial step in the consecution of equality in different spaces among which the information society has an outstanding position.

The Law fully dedicates article 28 from Title II to the Information Society, and it develops this article as follows:

  1. All the public programmes of Information Society’s development will add the effective consideration of the principle of equal opportunities between women and men in their design and implementation.
  2. The Government will promote a full incorporation of women to the Information Society trough the development of specific programmes, specially, regarding access and training in Information and communications society, taking into account the ones from groups with a high risk of exclusion and from the rural area.
  3. The Government will promote the contents created by women in the area of Information Society.
  4. No sexist languages and contents will be guaranteed in projects in the field of Information and Communication Technologies defrayed total or partially with public money.

Also, in the additional regulation, it was established that the Law of the General Budget for the State for 2007 constitutes a special Found in the area of the information society and equality, provided with three millions of Euros per year, for the periods of 2007, 2008 and 2009. This found paid the official announcement of “Plan Avanza” that gives grants in order to carry out actions to boost gender equality in the information society.

On the other hand, the “Strategic Plan of Equal Opportunities 2008-2011”, approved after the law through an agreement at a Ministers cabinet meeting  the 14th of December of 2007, has also included as a fundamental principle the scientific and technological innovation, since it is considered as one of the main actions to achieve a social transformation that leads to overcoming the male control of the scientific-technological system.

So that the Strategic Plan considers the necessity of working specially to overcome the gender digital gap and boost the equality between women and men in the development of the Information Society through:

  • The Starting up of an Action Plan to achieve equal opportunities between Women and Men in the Information Society, in the framework of the “Plan Avanza”.
  • The establishment of training programmes to develop skills in Information and Communication Technologies, aimed to personal and professional interests from the different groups of women.
  • The integration of women’s point of view in the design, production and management process in the field of science.
  • The boost of women’s presence in Internet, promoting web sites, web pages and contents which include their interests and needs and that takes their diversity into account.
  • The increase of women’s participation in scientific and technological  training and careers, both at medium and university level, both students and teachers/researchers including all levels of responsibility.


The policy goals

The “Action Plan for equality between women and men in the Information Society” gets the inspiration for the strategy of intervention from the fundamental principles included in the “Strategic Plan of Equal Opportunities (2008-2011)”: citizenship, empowerment, mainstreaming and innovation.

The two basic aims of the action-plan are

  • to guarantee gender equality in the Information Society in terms of access, use and design of ICT skills and participation;
  • equal opportunities in regard to ICT as a communication and information channel.

The Action Plan has been articulated around seven intervention axes, being based on both objectives.  

The first four axes try to affect the citizens directly and achieve a more balanced use and participation between women and men in the Information Society. The next three axes are focused on the structures and systems that must boost knowledge, policies, values and sensitivity towards the necessary change of direction to achieve equality in the Information Society, so that the Information Society becomes an accomplice for equality.

Summary of objectives according to the axes of intervention:

  • 1st AXIS. Increasing women’s ACCESS to the Information Society.
  • 2nd AXIS. Improving and increasing the USE of Information and Communication Technologies by women.
  • 3rd AXIS.  Developing CONTENTS that promote gender equality in the Information Society.
  • 4th AXIS. Increasing the IMPORTANCE of women in the Information and Communication Technologies sectors.
  • 5th AXIS. Promoting KNOWLEDGE about gender equality in the Information Society.
  • 6th AXIS. Promoting constant EXCHANGE, DIFUSSION and COMMUNICATION of equality values in the Information Society.
  • 7th AXIS. Influencing the CIT POLICIES AND AGENTS in order to add gender equality to the Information Society.

Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Action Plan will be the responsibility of the Ministry’s of Equality, counting on the collaboration of other Ministries, according to the assigned competences.


The policy document

eEquality actionplan Spain

Plan igualdad sociedad informacion


The gender dimension

Spain is one of the few countries where the entire action-plan is developed with a special focus on the gender dimension. The Spanish government is committed also to implement the plan on every level and in every region and with high-level personal involvement of the politicians both in disseminating the plan and in the annual evaluation of the implementation.

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