Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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SAP announces increase of women in management from 18% to 25% by 2017


The Executive Board of SAP announced the 25 May at its Annual General Meeting in Mannheim the increase of women in SAP management from 18% to 25% by the end of 2017.

Co-CEO Jim Hageman Schnabe stressed that SAP will also make even greater conscious efforts to recruit women to SAP. There will be more targeted support and encouragement to women with high potential. Professional development and mentoring programs will have a crucial part to play. And, more than ever before, SAP will act to retain women who are in leadership positions. Last but not least, SAP will make sure all of its managers actively support this objective.
'This is a very important task for us, as this aspect of diversity is a key driver of the SAP innovation strategy.'

  • Deutsche Telekom was the first Dax 30 company to introduce women's quota in 2010 with the goal to have 30 percent women in the upper and middle management by the end of 2015;
  • Bayer has announced to go for women making 30 percent of middle and upper management by the end of 2015;
  • Daimler's plans are  to increase the number of women in senior management positions to 20 percent by 2020;
  • Infineon's plans are to have 15 percent of women in management positions by 2015 and 20 percent by 2020;
  • Merck has announced to have 25-30 percent women in management positions (currently 22 percent) by the end of 2016.



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